Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost

By Cezar

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There is no doubt about it, hardwood floors are stylish and elegant. Wood is not only a warm material, wooden floors give the room a very homely feeling. However, a hardwood floor needs adequate care to keep its good looks. Depending on how old and how heavy the traffic on the floor is, you might decide to give your flooring a refinishing. This will remove ground-in dirt. Moreover, sanding will not only revive the wood, it will correct dents and other defects which cropped in over the years.

The cost of hardwood floor refinishing

The price of a wood floor refinishing starts from $3.75 per sq ft. The following factors will affect the price.

1) The nature of the already existing finishing. For example, oil or aluminum oxide as well as other factors (wax finish).

2) Stain or natural finish. We can either keep the natural colour of the wood or we can get it stained. Staining hardwood floors is done at an additional charge.

3) The kind of the new finishing (oil or water-based finish). We offer water-based finish refinishing services. Water-based finish dries faster, within a few hours. There is barely any odor and it completely disappears very quickly.

4) Number of finishing coats and finish grade. Commercial grade finish is recommended for high traffic areas.

5) Additional factors, such as groove depth, top-nail or not, areas needing repairs or replacement.

6) Lastly, the overall area required to be treated. We calculate the cost of a hardwood refinishing per square metre.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Quote

The advantage besides the dazzling look of a hardwood floor is with the proper care it can last forever. Moreover, even when time starts to show the signs of aging, this type of flooring can be revitalized. With a new colour staining, the entire room receives a new look and a new feeling.

Hardwood floor refinishing does not come without any costs. However, your investment is a fraction of what you would have to pay for a new hardwood floor.

To give you a reliable cost estimate, 1 Day refinishing will assess all factors which affect the price

  • Materials and equipment used, including stain and finish supply
  • Actual square footage of the area that needs to be refinished
  • Hours of labour if repairs are required

The labour costs will include everything

Preparation work:

This includes all the work needed to get the wood ready for the refinishing, including repairing of all damaged areas, thorough cleaning, making sure the area is spotless.


At this stage, the floor is ground with a machine to a level which is deeper than any groves or damages (scratches, dents, etc).


After sanding the hardwood floor will look like new and untreated wood. Now it is time for the staining or other colour treatment you might desire. Stain colour options are almost unlimited as we can mix and match stains.


Through the sanding, the hardwood floor has lost all its previous applied protective coatings. Without them, the material is vulnerable to stains and water damages. One or two finishing coats must be applied to protect the hardwood floor correctly.

Generally, a higher overall cost may arise due to small rooms. The equipment used for the refinishing is large and therefore hard to maneuver in small places. On the other hand, you might get discounts for multiple or large rooms.

There is no “one size fits all” solution here! Each wood floor and its condition are unique. We will provide you with the best and most cost-efficient solution for your floors.

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As a general rule, professionally refinished hardwood floors last 5 times longer vs DIY.