Can Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors Be Refinished?

By Cezar

Hand scraped hardwood floors are hardwood floors that have been given some extra texture before the floorboards are finished with lacquer or oil. The hand scraping gives the floors a rustic, cozy look, that is currently very popular. The work of the hand scraping doesn’t compromise the strength or durability of the boards.

Can hand scraped hardwood floors be refinished? Yes, they can be. Read on to learn more.

What Kinds of Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring Are There?

Both solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors come in hand scraped varieties.

Engineered hardwood floors are made from strips of wood being pressed or glued together into a single plank. They aren’t quite as strong as “true” (generally called solid) hardwood floors, but they are still a solid flooring choice. Engineered hardwood also has the benefit of being a bit more affordable than solid hardwood.

Solid hardwood is just what the name says. It’s also sometimes called “traditional” or, as previously mentioned, “true” hardwood. Engineered hardwood is steadily becoming more common and is being increasingly improved in quality, but solid hardwood is still the premier choice for homeowners.

Refinishing Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Some species of hardwood floors respond better to hand scraping than others, but all are capable of receiving the treatment. Maple and teak are known to be difficult to hand scrape, and the resulting appearance isn’t always great. Some exotic hardwood is so hard that it’s difficult to hand scrape, but still hypothetically any species can be hand scraped. The most popular types of hardwood floors to be had scraped are hickory, pecan, pine, oak, and walnut.

Refinishing hand scraped hardwood floors is basically the same as refinishing normal hardwood floors. Refinishing hand scraped engineered hardwood is also the same as refinishing regular engineered hardwood.

We’ll explain the general process in the next section.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Refinishing hardwood floors follows the same process every time, though some specifics, such as choices of stain or finish, will be unique to each job. Before starting this, make sure to check how thick your flooring is. Engineered hardwood can typically take three refinishing processes. Solid hardwood can generally take six or seven at most. Hand scraped varieties are no different in this regard.

  1. Remove furniture from the hardwood floors. Pull out exposed nails or sink them back down, at your discretion. If there are loose boards, nail them down with three-inch flooring nails.
  2. Pull out vent covers and remove baseboards and moldings. Cover the exposed vents and doorways with plastic sheeting.
  3. Get a drum sander. If you’re hoping to keep down dust (as just about anyone would be), get a variety with a high-quality vacuum attachment. Attach 100-grit sandpaper. Start the sander with the machine tilted up and slowly slower to the floor as it’s rotating. Sand with the grain of the wood, and sand every area that you can reach.
  4. Use a hand sander to get the edges and corners that the drum sander couldn’t reach. Use 100-grit sandpaper here, as well.
  5. Clean up the debris.
  6. Attach 180-grit sandpaper to both sanders and hit every area again.
  7. Do the room again, this time with 220-grint sandpaper.
  8. Clean thoroughly using a vacuum and damp towel. Be sure to get the floor as clean as possible.
  9. Apply the stain to the hand scraped floors. Apply coats until you’re happy with the color.
  10. Apply protective finish over top of the wood.

The refinishing process is basically the same whether the wood is solid hardwood or engineered. Don’t let the seeming simplicity of the steps above fool you, though. The refinishing process takes days, even for professionals, and do-it-yourselfers often find themselves mired in a process that takes a lot longer than they anticipated.

Due to the sheer tedium of sanding alone, many people decide to hire a professional for the job. You can do hand scraped floor refinishing yourself, though, just be aware of what you’re getting yourself in store for.


Hand scraped hardwood floors are popular right now. Some are calling them a fad, but many believe that hand scraped hardwood floors are here to say. Perhaps because of the uncertainty in the world right now, people are yearning for the rustic, old-timey look that hand scraped hardwood floors provide.

There is no “one size fits all” solution here! Each wood floor and its condition are unique. We will provide you with the best and most cost-efficient solution for your floors.

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As a general rule, professionally refinished hardwood floors last 5 times longer vs DIY.