Wood Refinishing Or Recoating For My Floors?

By Cezar

As your hardwood flooring is being used, it can get scratched and become dull. Wood refinishing might be a perfect option to solve this situation. So, unlike the other popular types of flooring, wood floors can look wonderful again.

Wood floors can undergo about 10-12 complete refinishing and sanding jobs over its useful life. An engineered wooden floor can also be refinished even up to two times (this depends on the thickness of the veneer of the hardwood). For engineered hardwood to be refinished, the wear layer has to be a minimum of 3 mm thick.

If your hardwood floor has what is known as “memory finish”, it can be recoated, so you do not have to sand the entire floor. Recoating is a great option when the floor is only lightly scratched and when finishing is not completely worn out.

Wood Refinishing Vs Recoating

Wood refinishing is quite a complex and a bit more expensive, comparing to Recoating, hardwood restoration process. It requires a large and heavy sanding machine, which is needed to remove the existing floor finish. The exposed wood is even sanded further to level the surface and also remove dents, scratches and various discolourations. Hardwood Floor Refinishing can remove most of deep dents and scratches.

Recoating wooden floor in most cases is a simple process which costs less than wood refinishing. The recoating consists of roughing the already existing coating, by either sanding lightly or even screening the finish. Once all the dust and dirt are removed, a new top protecting coat of finish is then applied to the floor. You will get freshly finished flooring, but keep in mind that recoating won’t be able to remove scratches which damaged the wood itself.

Can wood refinishing be done on my floors?

Most of solid hardwood floors can be refinished. Even if the surface has been completely worn down to the wood, you will be impressed by what a good refinisher can do. Moreover, refinishing can deal with waxed floors as well and can remove the residues off the floor.

With engineered hardwood floors, it can be a little trickier to find out if refinishing is doable. Generally speaking, engineered hardwood with a wear layer of 3 mm or more can be refinished.

Even if your floor cannot be refinished, a recoating might be an alternative option.

To make an informed decision, consult with one of our specialists to determine what will work best for your floor. We are experts in both refinishing and recoating and will be able to provide you with quality and timely services.

There is no “one size fits all” solution here! Each wood floor and its condition are unique. We will provide you with the best and most cost-efficient solution for your floors.

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As a general rule, professionally refinished hardwood floors last 5 times longer vs DIY.