When Is Time For Wood Floor Refinishing?

By Cezar

Wood floor refinishing is a century proven way to rediscover the beauty of your existing hardwood floors. Proper initial floor installation, timely maintenance and care will make your hardwood floors serve you for decades.

There may be no specific time when you must or can refinish the wood floor in your home or property. Refinishing or recoating your wood floor depends on a number of factors including personal preferences. Some people may prefer their flooring to have a new look at all time, while others may want their flooring to have an “aging” ancient look.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that after initial floor installation your floors to be sanded and refinished once every 5 – 10 years. The time period varies depending on the traffic and overall usage.

Solid wood can usually be sanded more often because the wood above the tongue is thicker than that in the wear layer of an engineered wood. While solid wood in most cases can be sanded down a few times, engineered is mostly limited to 1 to 2 times.

Dull, worn-out floors call for wood refinishing

While hardwood floors can be very beautiful and even last for centuries, they need care and proper maintenance. They must be sanded at regular intervals.

If you have a lot of scratches, especially those scratches that have worn through the stain, then you have to refinish the floor to protect it from further damages.

When your hardwood becomes gray, then it is the right time to refinish, and this has to be done before it gets damaged further. You also need to refinish when your wood flooring starts getting dull, fading or becomes discoloured by sunlight as a result of the UV rays hitting it.

Our refinishing process is exclusive and utilizes non-toxic finishes. Our methods and technologies allow us to refinish hardwood floors without the usual long lasting odor, mess or discomfort associated with hardwood floor refinishing. We leave your wood floor beautiful again.

We specialize in high quality refinishing and dustless floor sanding of all hardwood floors. For years, our wood floor refinishing have been at the forefront in British Columbia and Canada. Our team have always offered our customers a first class customer service.

There is no “one size fits all” solution here! Each wood floor and its condition are unique. We will provide you with the best and most cost-efficient solution for your floors.

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As a general rule, professionally refinished hardwood floors last 5 times longer vs DIY.